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Mountain laptop stand





Our original mountain laptop stand is made of high quality walnut or oak and is finished with all natural plant-based finish wax. The slot has a foam base to protect your devices. Pick between single or dual slots. Slots are 1" wide. Dimensions: 10-1/4" x 4" x 4-1/4" (base)

Verified Reviews


The stand is sturdy and looks beautiful. I had this imported to Europe, so I payed quite a sum for getting it, but it was worth every dime!


Needed a stand for a Lattitude 5500 I got at my new job. The stand is good, although due to the shape of the laptop, it is slightly open when placed in the stand.


I picked up this dual slot mountain laptop stand for my desk. I work from home and was finding the double monitor (laptop + monitor) a bit distracting. This holds my laptop (and iPad) perfectly to help declutter my desk. Shipping was super quick and I had it on my desk within 5 days of ordering. I hadn't realized I paid for shipping when it should have been free and that was caught and refunded before I even realized it. Will absolutely be purchasing other items from this shop in the future!


What an awesome laptop stand! Thin enough that it doesn't take up too much desk space, but still super stable. The beautiful wood and fun design takes it over the top!


The stand is very stable and has padding where the laptops rest so they don't scratch the stand or the laptop. Quality craftmanship!