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Our vertical laptop stand comes in a premium solid walnut or oak and is finished with an all natural plant-based wax finish for a smooth, velvety finish. The aluminum base adds a subtle, eye catching element to this simple stand, but adds weight to keep it sturdy. Comes in either a single or dual slot version. Dimensions: 10-1/4" x 4" x 4" (base) Single slot size: 1" Dual slot sizes: ~7/8"

Verified Reviews


What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! A functional work of art sitting on my desk. I was most surprised by how quick it got to me. Opening it and reading about the craftsman that crafted this was a wonderful experience.


I searched for countless hours across various locations and vendors trying to find a double laptop stand that would compliment my Uplift walnut standing desk and last for years to come. When I came across this stand, I knew I had to get. Many stands sit very low, are very light, and do not provide padding for the laptop nor protection for the desk. However, this one does it all! The metal base provides the support for larger/heavier laptops, and the spacing of each bay fits a Thinkpad or MacBook with ease. The cork feet provided allows enough of a buffer from preventing the stand from moving, as well as protect the desk from scratches. There is a strip of foam at the bottom of each slot to protect the laptop from any damage and the height is perfect for keeping any laptop as vertical as possible. I look forward to potentially getting additional products as they come out. Keep building great products!!


Love my new laptop stand! I've looked around for some time to find the right stand, and most of them are too small with a pricetag that doesn't make sense for the product... especially when it's cheaply manufactured and not handmade. Finally came across a nice tall, sturdy walnut stand that's handmade, and at a price that feels right for it! Beautiful craftsmanship, sturdy, and protects the product. All of my desk accessories are walnut, and this piece fits right in! Highly recommend.